How Disney Junior Really Does Make Everything Better

Gosh, Disney Junior, as a mother you can be a complete godsend distracting my nine-month old with your colorful animation and catchy as fudge songs. Dinner goes much more seamless without a war of wills– tug of war with the spoon—between my daughter and me. I am convinced her baby rolls are part muscle as she pulls the spoon, with all her baby might, into her mouth getting puree everywhere as I say in slow motion: noooo and she sheepishly giggles.

Or simply Disney Junior can be, The. Worst. Thing. Ever.

 My husband walks in singing “My Friends Tigger And Pooh,” as he is shimmying to our bed. O.M.G. If that’s not hashtag dad life, I don’t know what is. Um, sexy? Actually, then again, kind of. I mean, what’s sexier than a good Dad? Nothing.

 One thing my husband and I can hands down agree on is that Disney Junior is pretty great. Here are just four of the many reason why:


  1. Lambie is my girl.

Aren’t there days when you wish Doc McStuffins was your Doctor and all you needed was 2 ccs of calming cuddles? Lambie would come in, a lamb chop look-alike, with her white wool mane, big beady black freckles and light pink face and give you a big bear hug, I mean lamb hug.

It can make your day much better even when it’s a bah, bah, bummer.

I look at my daughter and demand 4 ccs of cuddles please, because come on, I want double the cuddles from my little munchkin.


  1. Everything has a catchy song.

 Even when Stuffie is injured and is going to the hospital in an ambulance, there is a song. And My Friends Tigger and Pooh, the “think think song,” is the magic that Disney promises. When Mickey says Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse, I catch myself saying it too. Also, “we’re going on a trip, in our favorite rocket ship,” oh Little Einsteins I am always pat, clap, pat, clapping along. I can’t tell you how many times after a long day I am singing one of these catchy tunes.

My husband will walk in from work and I am doing a Risky Business strut a la Tom Cruise of “time for your check up” at the top of my lungs. Totally normal mommy behavior.


  1. Disney teaches great lessons, but seriously.

Take Doc McStuffins, she is smart and that is more important than what she looks like. In season four, if you have been following, Doc McSmartie is transported to Mcstuffinsville where she is even the Chief resident of the toy hospital. Here, there are great lessons like love comes from the inside out. For example, the king of the broken toys, Stanley, thinks he’s unlovable because he is a lion with bunny ears and hoppy bunny legs. Doc reunites him with his owner and of course, his owner loves him just the same—- bunny legs, fluffy white cottontail and all.

Another lesson that I personally love is that girls can do anything they put their minds to. Take Princesses Sofia and Elena for example. They are complete bad asses and I adore them for that. They are also beautiful in their own way.

Another McStuff Lesson is that Barbie is still the superficial anti-Christ we all know she is. Yes, she is pretty but she compares everything to fashion and accessories. We get it Barbie doll you are terrible, brains are more important than beauty. Thanks, Disney for confirming that.

Also, if you ever need an answer to any of life’s questions just call Toodles. That is my personal favorite. Next time my daughter has a dirty diaper-Toodles, Yoo-Hoo Toodles, Where are you Toodles?


  1. The Hot Dog Song

The. Hot. Dog. Song. Is. Everything. My daughter claps and smiles every time it comes on as I pick her up and we dance around the living room in front of the television. The best part is staring at flapping in the air, Goofy. He even exits the clubhouse with the same flail/flap form. I have never seen anything quite amazing like that in my life. WTF Goofy!
[Leo, Little Einsteins]
(speaking) Now it’s time for… the curtain call!


So the next time your child’s stuffed animal gets a tear.

“Mom, my teddy bear ripped its plush, it’s bad!” Your child says tears in his/her eyes.

“He lost a lot of stuffing, but I think I can handle it.” You, channeling your inner Doc.

Remember all the work and love that goes into each of those stuffed friends. Also, know that if all else fails in your day, Disney Junior can fix anything.

And in the meantime…

[Leo, Little Einsteins]

(speaking) See you on the next mission!

Oh, yes we will Leo, yes we will….