I am a recovered mama of two beautiful girls. This is my journey from starving to letting myself become FULL –physically & emotionally. I hope we can remain in recovery (A.K.A FULL) together-join me ♥

       What is Living A FULL life exactly? Having anorexia, bulimia, or vacillating between the two, you are emptying yourself or trying to achieve an empty feeling through starvation or purging. Living A FULL life is a life where you aren’t starving anymore—starving for acceptance and love from others and yourself. It’s a life where you are feeding your mind and soul with good thoughts and foods. It’s a life without your eating disorder. With our eating disorders, we are empty of opportunity, growth, challenge, and possibility. Living A FULL life means filling up our lives again with immense potential, happiness, and achievement.

It’s a life where you make mistakes, and you are not hard on yourself for those mistakes. A life where you are self-aware enough to go against your negative thoughts and outside your comfort zone and are able to make healthy decisions. It’s a life where you are able to nourish your body and soul with nutritious and delicious foods, and fuck it, if you want dessert, you are going to have it and not think twice. A life where you can beat your eating disorder at its own game of shame, guilt, and manipulation and realize that life isn’t a losing battle. Your battle is just a small part of you; it doesn’t define you. Once you beat it and own it so you are held accountable to yourself and others about that struggle, you will become immensely stronger and well on your way to being FULL.

Oh and a big part of my own personal FULL is #momlife—which is featured in my Musings Of A FULL Mama section. It’s just some funny anecdotes, lists, and non-ED related thoughts about mom life. At the other end of the spectrum we have  Musings of An Ed Recovered Lady, which is just eating disorder articles. The bulk of my blogging is in Musings Of ED In Relation To Being A Mom, because let’s face it both recovery and motherhood take up a huge chunk of my life. Recovery is something I constantly have to be conscious of. I also like to incorporate humor into most of my writing because I believe it’s good to laugh, even when talking about dark topics in life. Life is too short  not to have a good belly laugh and it also makes harder topics (like ED) easier to read.

I have been published in Bluntmoms, Beating Eating Disorders, Project Heal, Kveller.com, The Mighty, Sammiches and Psych Meds, Motherly, Recovery Warriors, and Humorwriters.org. Hope I can help lead you to your own FULL.

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